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Digital Tips with Khaled ElAhmad | What is a YouTube Cash cow?

publishedabout 1 year ago
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I try to read daily and I find really good stuff that I would like to share with you in this Newsletter.
Let's talk about Evergreen content, which is content that has not timeline and can be used and reused as its value never expires.
Heard about Youtube Cash Cow?

A cash cow YouTube channel is a YouTube channel where you make money through videos without showing your face. It's not a new way of making money but it has been completely untapped. Success in it requires:
A) A good niche selection
B) Above average video editing skills
C) Good topic selection
D) Promotion
E) Consistency
So here is the playbook for the YouTube Cash Cow:
1- Pick a niche (preferably something you have interest in)
Example: Crypto | Healthy Food | Celebrities | Pets...
2- Find good sources and subject matter experts and follow them online
3- Collect valuable information from different sources, understand, summarize then
use this tool Quillbot to re-write them using Ai
4- Now you need voice over, you can do it yourself or hire someone on Fiverr or use
an Ai tool like
5- Use a catchy Headline
6- Design a thumbnail using Canva​
7- Find a relevant Affiliate product to pitch within your video and have the link in the
description, you can do that using this website ClickBank​
Let me know if you decided to start one.

As some of you know I left Facebook and no longer post there, I'm more into:
​LinkedIn Where I post valuable PDF documents and digital tips
​Twitter almost the same as LinkedIn but less frequent
​Instagram where I post social and mental stuff

I finally done with my website, where you can book πŸ“† a FREE consultation session with me
OR Check out my πŸ“˜ Lectures or attend one of my πŸ“• Courses (Work in progress)
I had a great LinkedIn Live session with Subhi Khawatmi to talk about Personal Branding in the sector of HR and shared very interesting set of tools,
you can catch up and watch it πŸ“ΊπŸ‘‰ HERE​
March 10th I will be giving my 3rd TEDx talk, this time at #TEDxArarStreet​



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